TrezeBoost is free casual action games online based on popular cartoon characters. The protagonist in the story is named Turbo. He has been raised by his grandma in the town called Trezze, which is situated on a beautiful island called the Tropical Island. The only problem with Turbo and everybody else around him is that he is unable to jump as high as the others, much to the disappointment of his classmates. In order to help Turbo boost his level of jumping, his friend Miki gives him the TrezeBoost Unblocked Game, a gaming device that helps boost his jumping height through the use of special seeds.

TrezeBoost free game is the first casual game developed for mobile devices in free on Yup7 Games. Treze Boost is a follow up to the successful Doodle Jump game. Miki and Turbo now have new challenges to face which include new obstacles which will make each game unique. wishes you success in TrezeBoost.