Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected

Welcome to the online game Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected. This is a online unblocked Puzzle Game. This mahjong-like game is a fun way to spend your afternoon. You'll get to interact with Gorillaz characters as you work to clear your board by tapping on groups of identical tiles. Unlike the classic mahjong game, the Gorillaz tiles have extra designs and two layers, allowing you to remove more than two tiles at a time. The game has a unique bomb system, so if you can't clear a column or row, you'll have another chance to clear it.

The game's objective is to clear a board by removing the same-colored tiles. Typically, this involves tapping multiple combinations at once, and it's important to make strategic moves, as there are only so many moves in each game. To achieve the ultimate challenge, you should complete all three levels, and if you complete them all in a single sitting, you'll unlock the final level! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected Unblocked Free Game!