Fish Gone

Fish Gone is a unique skill based sports game with puzzle, thinking and problem solving elements. You play the role of the private detective who has been hired by the police to solve a series of disappearances linked to the local fish population. To start with the game you have to find out how to access the city's top secret underwater research center. Inside you will be searching for clues that will help you determine whether a series of disappearances in the area are linked to an international crime syndicate. The game is very atmospheric and is beautifully illustrated with good quality graphics and sound effects. The whole game is very challenging and you will be left craving for more once you have successfully completed the first part.

One other interesting attribute of the Fish Gone Unblocked Game is that it is not a pay-to-play game. Unlike most free applications you don't have to buy anything to enjoy playing it. It is available absolutely for free and that makes it even more exciting and tempting as a free software application. It is one of those rare moments when we can use a free software application to learn something new and perhaps take some time out from our daily routine to enhance our skills with a few simple mouse clicks. Once you get the hang of navigating the interface, you will feel that you are really earning something out of the game and that you are actually getting some use out of the hour that you are spending playing. wishes you success in Fish Gone.