Dunk Shot

Welcome to the online game Dunk Shot. This is a online unblocked Sport Game. The Dunk Shot game is a fun arcade game that will have you shooting hoops for points! With a variety of different balls, you can become the next basketball superstar! This game has some great features like clean graphics and cool sound effects.

Dunk Shot is a free-falling basketball arcade game, where you can earn points as you shoot a basketball into the basket. The baskets increase in height as the game progresses, so you'll need to be sure to aim your shot perfectly.

The aiming device will have a time limit for your shot. The aim is to dunk the basketball into the next hoop while staying within the time limit. Once you get a good score, you'll be able to unlock new basketballs by racking up enough stars. There are many features in the Dunk Shot game that will help you improve your skills and score more points. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Dunk Shot Unblocked Free Game!