Miami Super Drive

Miami Super Drive is a hot new game on that allows you to take on driving competitions, it is not a simulation but it does have a lot of the same elements as a lot of other games on Yup7. There are challenges to complete, earning stars increases your chances and depending on the difficulty you can either earn coins or use them for buying cars. Miami Super Drive Unblocked game is probably the most popular game right now and it is by far one of the most impressive too. If you enjoyed the remake of Daytona Beach you are going to love this one, it also comes with two additional challenges as well as all the usual things you expect from a driving game. Miami Super Drive game features next-generation graphics and seven very detailed real cars to drive around Miami streets, your goal is simply to gather all billboards in the shortest amount of time in order to win the challenge.

If you like to play driving games then you will love Miami Super Drive, it has everything you would come to expect from a great driving game as well as some interesting challenges and modes. One of the challenges is a time challenged circuit where you will have to race against others to earn points and stay ahead of the leader, you are also able to select the car you want to use for the competition; here you will also find several interesting options such as changing the color of the car, changing the suspension, altering the steering and tires and much more. The driving skills do improve with every challenge you to complete so it will be well worth investing in the time and effort to try to improve your skills.

In addition to all the challenges you can also purchase car accessories to make your drive even more exciting. Some of the available car accessories include increasing speed, increasing acceleration, getting better gas mileage and the ability to break the law by driving over bumpy roads. It doesn't matter what type of driver you are, with Miami Super Drives you can keep up with the competition as you try to beat the system and earn your place on the championship winning track. Miami Super Drive game is definitely a car that will provide hours of fun and can make the person driving look very impressive.