Squidly Game

Welcome to the online game Squidly Game. This is a great Adventure Game. Squidly Game Unblocked, Panic is an action-packed, massively multiplayer browser game which puts you in the shoes of an investigative agent, and put you right in the thick of things. Control your character with WASD movement, mouse movement for most of the game, WASD to move, and space for a lot of tools. There is also arrow keys to move, and space for inventory items. Also, WASD is used to cycle through inventory items. There are no buttons, so anyone can get the hang of this quickly.

As said above, you are in the shoes of an investigator, and there are many different levels to the Squidly game, from Normal to Hard. In addition, there are various weapons to use, bombs and spikes to destroy opponents, and also ice cubes which freeze your opponents and you, unless they are free of ice. Keep an eye out for spikes, and when you see a red dot on your opponent, it means that it is an ally, and will stop at nothing to help you. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Squidly Game Unblocked Game Unblocked Free Game!