Hidden Lands

Welcome to the online game Hidden Lands. This is a free Puzzle Game. The Hidden Lands Unblocked Game is a beautiful puzzle adventure game that takes you to a magical world of floating islands. Each island is more incredible than the last, which leaves you with an insatiable curiosity to explore the next one. Whether you're an experienced puzzle gamer or just new to this genre, Hidden Lands will make you a better player in no time. It is sure to be a great game for your tablet or mobile device.

The game is procedurally generated, with a high workmanship style and unlimited levels. It features a large number of Hidden Objects and Differences, and a stunning landscape. The player must notice the various testing systems of nature to find various relics and open articles. Players must also find civic establishments to collect items. The best way to complete the game is to use the hint system to solve every puzzle. It has a symbiotic gameplay system, which means you can play it without a single problem.

The game is designed to challenge you to think critically and use your skills to solve puzzles. There are two game modes, Adventure and Story mode. Each mode entails solving a variety of challenging puzzles, and you can progress to the next level after completing three quests. After completing these quests, you can unlock the next lands, which can take a few hours to finish. In the adventure mode, you'll be rewarded with relics and special coins. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Hidden Lands Unblocked Free Game!