Candy Connect New

Candy Connect New is totally free online game available for free on the web. A highly addictive and entertaining matching game for kids. You have to locate all pairs of colorful candy squares (by touching them) over a certain number of seconds. The more you touch the candy, the higher the score you have. Candy Connect New Unblocked game has many variants such as Endless Match, Time Crisis, Multi-player and Speedball.

The main objective of the game is to reach the bottom of the levels and collect all sweets. The main use of powers such as double the amount of candy and triple the time, helps you collect more sweets in shorter duration. To win the game, one must earn points by scoring the maximum number of hits. There are various levels available in the game and one can move ahead only when they have gained enough points. The other variant that allows you to play at different times during the day is called Day Match.

These games are played in the browser interface which is highly compatible with all sorts of browsers. You don't have to download any software or update your web browser in order to play the online games. Just a simple click is required from your side. All the free games offered on the site are supported by high resolution and graphic image display. The audio and video features are also well supported. wishes you success in the Candy Connect New game.