Duel of Wizards

Welcome to the online game Duel of Wizards. This is a free 2 Player Game. The Duel of Wizards Unblocked Game combines the fun and excitement of dueling with a strategy element. Each wizard chooses equipment and begins the game. Both sides must save manna to cast spells, and the last wizard standing wins the game.

In Duel of Wizards, you and your opponent have to use magical items to defeat each other. While powerful magic items can cause carnage, you can also try your hand at using spells to hit your opponent. You can use your wand to zap your opponent with a magic spell or collect stars.

The Duel of Wizards Free Game is a game where you and your opponent battle each other using a magical wand. You swing your wand like a true wizard and cast spells to destroy your enemies. The game has many levels where you can earn rewards and earn new equipment. You can play with friends, or challenge a computer opponent. Whatever your strategy, you'll find it fun and challenging. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Duel of Wizards Unblocked Free Game!