Penguin Bounce

Welcome to a colorful action game: Penguin Bounce ! In this fun ride, your task has 2 phases. In the first phase, you'll be batting a penguin with the right timing. If you can manage your timing perfectly, the penguin will go flying further. If not, it will just go 50 mts ahead of you. After your bat lands on the penguin, you’ll take control of its flight. You will be bouncing your cute friend on some walruses and other bounceable objects. Its simple and fun gameplay will make you addicted to this penguin game online ! With gold you collect and earn each time, you can upgrade your penguin. You can boost your speed, power, bounce and launch stats. You can change the weapon you use to launch the penguin using the diamonds you gather. Strike at the right time and help your penguin friend bounce its way to the furthest spot!