Vex 7

Welcome to the online game Vex 7 is a online unblocked game. Vex 7 is an action and platform game. It's part of the popular Vex series. The game focuses on parkour and agility. Players need to guide the stickman through a maze of dangerous obstacles. There are different traps to avoid, including spikes, acid pools, and security cameras. You can use TNT and parachutes to help you.

The gameplay is fast and exciting. Players will have to jump, steer, and sprint to make their way to the finish line. To survive, the stickman must avoid hazardous objects such as cliffs, acid pools, and spikes. He must also collect coins to purchase new items.

Players need to avoid certain hazards, such as spikes, thorns, falling blocks, and flying knives. They can also use elixirs, which can provide a boost. The game also offers a hardcore mode, which requires players to dodge deadly obstacles. In order to survive, the stickman must be strong enough to avoid these hazards. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Vex 7 Unblocked Game!