Rise against the whole world alone or join a team of players to jointly overthrow opponents pursuing the same goals as you - defeating the enemy. Get weapons and equipment, take the most advantageous position to attack opponents. Be always on guard, as danger lurks everywhere. Become the best player of the server that has collected the most frags awarded for killing opponents. How to Play : Come up with a unique nickname, log in. If desired, change the appearance of the character to be different from other players. Go to the Character section, where in the graphical editor, select your favorite equipment options. There you determine the class of the main character, take a look at the preview of the emotion reproduced in the game at a convenient moment. Go to the list of ready servers to join the players. If necessary, create your own room and invite friends to play by specific rules. Set user settings such as the number of players, one of two modes - deadly battles against each other or team play, and so on.