Punch Box

Welcome to the free game Punch Box. This is a great Arcade Games. Punch Box unblocked game is an arcade game from Microgaming, which is a known publisher of many arcade games online. In this game, you have a chosen character and as you go down the street, punch every punching bag that crosses your path! Sounds easy, right? Well, to be a true champion boxer you will need some practice, and this is where you will lose money - literally!

One thing that has learned in the game is that when you need to win more gold rounds, you need to punch more punching bags! So be very careful to not smash the heavy boxes on the ground while you're playing! Also, keep in mind that you only have a limited amount of time to punch each bag in the arcade game, so you need to wisely manage your time while you play the game. Also, keep in mind that time is very limited, and you will need to punch the boxes to make more time in-game. You are not able to leave the game once you've started punching.

The game has many levels, which means you will be able to progress through it quickly. Another thing you will notice about Punch Box is its "emoticons". Every time you hit an opponent or knock an item from your boxing bag, it will emit an "emoticon" of the action. Many users have commented that they really enjoy the emoticons, as it adds an extra touch of fun to an otherwise simple arcade game. This is why I highly recommend playing Punch Box, as it is well-designed, easy to play, and really great fun! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Punch Box unblocked free game!