Mahjong Battles Egypt

Welcome to the online game Mahjong Battles Egypt. This is a great Puzzle Game. Enjoy a challenging Mahjong Game with Free Mahjong Rules and Features. Mahjong Battles Egypt is a unique puzzle game which puts you in the middle of an ancient war. In this game you must use strategy to beat the army of your opponent. Play Mahjong Battles Egypt online against a friendly computer or compete with friends or anyone else using the same free mahjong game.

In Mahjong Battles Egypt Unblocked Game, you will not play alone in this exciting game. Instead, you and your opponent will each select a random number of tiles, then you will alternate picking them to place your opponent's pyramid face up in the pile. For every move you receive as a result, you receive as many points as displayed on the tiles placed face up in the game. As you gain the upper hand, you will move closer to victory and be rewarded with a win.

The more skillful you become at mahjong games, the more you will reap the benefits. You can always continue playing and improving your skills through these free mahjong game websites. This is also the perfect way to improve your reading and writing skills. Learning to play a mahjong game is easy but mastering it takes a great deal of patience and time. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Mahjong Battles Egypt Unblocked Free Game!