Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle

Welcome to the online game Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle. This is a great Puzzle Games. Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle Unblcoked Game, a new game like Pc and mobile device, is a fun and addicting game that asks you to relax and think. Try out Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle game and just like filling the bubbles with water to clear the board, the puzzles become harder and more difficult as time passes! You will unlock new colors when you are done playing so that you can refresh your memory on what color was used last. If you are playing this game on an Yup7 Games, you have to tilt the device left or right to move the board and change colors of the bubbles.

The game is played in two phases, one is a timed trial and one is a real-time game. The first phase of the game has a limited number of bubbles that will remain on the board until you manage to clear all of them. You need to use your brain power to predict which color fits with what color. When you clear all of the bubbles, the second part of the game begins. You are now shown a new puzzle containing a list of words and pictures and you have to match all of them correctly before time runs out. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Lipuzz Water Sort Puzzle Unblocked Free Game!