Hogwarts Magic Academy

Welcome to the online game Hogwarts Magic Academy. This is a great Adventure Game. Hogwarts Magic Academy is extremely spooky and exciting free game you can play on the internet for free. Welcome to the Magic Academy! each student will be brewing potions, upgrading charms, but more importantly for that need to gather all necessary ingredients and herbs.

Develop your own Hogwarts Style magic academy in this unique management sim. Control every aspect of your student's life from choosing classes, interacting with students and faculty, researching new magic spells, finding a lost object and much more. Enjoy hours of adventure play as you discover the secrets of the Wizarding World. Experience an interactive interface as you learn the basics of this popular online adventure game.

Hogwarts Magic Academy Unblocked Game is a great deal for both boys and girls. The graphics are very colorful and well detailed and the overall theme is extremely cool. You even have an opportunity to develop your very own team of heroes to take on the evil Lord Voldemort. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Hogwarts Magic Academy Unblocked Free Game!