Risky Trip

Want to know what the Risky Trip is? Then, rather, join in the exciting fun, where you have to pass a number of different tests, which consist in driving a car, on which you must avoid all sorts of obstacles. Get ready, as it is not always easy to bypass the set traps that jump out of the ground at the most inopportune moment. It is important to get as far as possible and not destroy the vehicle, thereby setting a record. If you comply with all the conditions of safe driving, then there are chances to collect a large amount of money. HOW TO PLAY: Driving a car is done by arrows to the right and left on the keyboard; at the expense of them, accelerate or pick up speed at the right moment, so that at the same time you don’t break the vehicle and move further along the road. Ahead of waiting for tests in the form of traps, consisting of sharp stakes, will also have to jump cliffs. In an instant you will feel like a stuntman, since you will need to perform tricks while driving through the springboard. Pick up the coins needed to open access to new machines. It is necessary to drive carefully not to turn over, in this case the game will end, but the accumulated amount of money will remain.