Stick Duel: Shadow Fight

Welcome to the online game Stick Duel: Shadow Fight. This is a online unblocked Action Game. If you like fighting games, you may want to check out Stick Duel: Shadow Fight Unblocked game. In this game, you can battle against other players by using quick punches and kicks to win a match. It recreates nonstop battles where the player who wins 2 rounds will win the game. There are two game modes: single player and two-player. The single player mode is a challenge that requires you to use both your arms and legs in a continuous attack. The game also allows you to play against a friend or a random opponent.

The game's 3D game art animation allows players to change the size of their wheels in real time. You can also try your hand at battling the computer opponents in the game. Stick Duel: Shadow Fight unblocked game has received positive reviews from users. It's free to play and has no download requirement. However, it is important to play it for at least half an hour to complete all levels. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Stick Duel: Shadow Fight Unblocked Free Game!