Motocross Simulator 2

Welcome to the online game Motocross Simulator 2. This is a great Racing Game. What makes this particular game so addictive and fun is the fact that you don't really know what is going on around you, unless you happen to be a hardcore motocross gamer. The player is placed in the shoes of a professional motocross racer and is given complete control over his or her character in an effort to be the best Motocross player on the track. With realistic physics, you should expect to have an adrenaline rush every time you play this exciting new hidden object and stunt game.

This time around, you are the one racing against other online users as you attempt to win the highest score possible. You are accompanied with a female player, who is your main squeeze, and it looks like she is ready to ride the handlebars like a real bike, even though she just has a bicycle. Using the mouse or keyboard, you maneuver the handles, jump, crouch, and all the other usual motions that you would utilize while riding a real motorcycle. By successfully completing a round of motocross in under thirty minutes, you will unlock the ability to ride the bikes of other players, which further increases the amount of action and intensity when you engage in competitive play.

This time around, you get to choose between a red or blue Motocross bike, which are available at various tracks across the globe. You can also buy additional parts for your bike, such as liveries, tires, and graphics for a very modest fee. You can play this exciting game with up to four players, and the controls are simple enough that even a child could master the controls. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Motocross Simulator 2 Unblocked Free Game!