Cakes Mahjong Connect

Cakes Mahjong Connect is a family favourite among the children and parents alike. The game of Cakes has been developed keeping in mind the developmental needs of the children who play it. Unlike other games, Cakes Mahjong Connect Unblocked game is a perfect combination of skill and pure imagination. The graphics are simple yet very attractive to the children who have a great urge to solve the puzzle of different cakes by using their brains rather than the hands. The children who have not yet started to learn the skills of using the mouse or other pointing devices can easily learn this game just by playing Cakes Mahjong Connect.

Cakes Mahjong connects game is very much popular among the preschool kids and the pre-school kids too. The game starts off with the user starting off by placing all the circles on the board. Then the children have to use their mouse and point with them at the squares by clicking on them. They have to make as many pairs as possible by joining up the right and leftmost square with the help of joining circles together. After the player has made all the pairs in the same way round the board, the time for another round comes.

Like many other puzzle games, the aim of Cakes Mahjong Connect online game is to make pairs out of the sets of five. The objective of the game also depends upon how well the child manages to link the correct square with the correct circle. The better the coordination between the child and the mouse the better the puzzle would turn out to be. The game is full of fun and excitement that keep the children occupied for hours. Not only do the games develop the hand - eye coordination but also teach the children the importance of considering all the factors before joining the mahjong games. wishes you have fun playing Cakes Mahjong Connect Unblocked free game!