Samurai Rampage

Welcome to the online game Samurai Rampage. This is a great Adventure Game. Samurai Rampage Unblocked Game is an amazing arcade game that you will find truly timeless. Super Samurai Rampage is an intense, retro 8 bit pixel graphic-filled action game. You play as an iconic samurai warrior infused with powerful rage to engage in single or multiple player combat. Armed only with a sword, you must slice your way through hordes of increasingly difficult enemies on your mission to return to the temple.

With an amazing, high definition hand held controller you feel as though you are playing the game in the year 2021. Master the action and master the combos to unleash the true power of your blade. Collect power ups to augment your attacks and weapons to create devastating attacks to obliterate your enemies in single player mode. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Samurai Rampage Unblocked Free Game!