Speed Racer

Welcome to the free unblocked game Speed Racer. This is a great Racing Games. Super Speed Racer is a fast-paced, high-speed, car game with multiple challenges and achievements. You play the role of a racer who must complete various levels within a time limit while avoiding crashing into walls and other obstacles in order to win. The game consists of various regions such as space, city, forest, and carnival. The main theme of the game is to perform well, avoid accidents and crashes, as well as, collect as many stars as possible. It's a simple concept and exciting gameplay makes this game one of the most popular games on mobile devices.

Game features: - Speed Racer has various maps and themes, including but not limited to Speed Racer (USA), Heat Speed (Ireland), Canyon Nitro and Speed Calm. - The single player game has various difficulties depending on your skills, such as, novice, advanced and master. - The online game allows you to compete against friends or even random people online. - The online speed racer has various power ups and boosts which allow you to increase your performance and make your race faster. These power ups include the likes of ram, turbo, boost and much more.

There are many things that make playing Speed Racer unblocked game addictive. One of the best things is, of course, the speed. This game has fast cars that can zoom through the screen as you avoid obstacles, crash into walls, hit trees or other objects and run across the tracks very quickly. The best part is that, even when you are losing, you always have a chance to get back on track by reviving the car using the handy restart button. If you are looking for an enjoyable car racing game then Speed Racer would be a great choice, as it's one of the newer games to come out with the 3D technology and provides a lot of thrills along with lots of fun. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Speed Racer unblocked free game!