Dirty Rally Driver HD

The game Dirty Rally Driver HD is a fantastic racing simulator in which you will conquer the roads when traveling in three different countries. Here you have to show all your driving skills sitting behind the wheel of sports cars that are designed for the real off-road and are not afraid of dirt at all. During the game you must conquer the tracks of three different countries and try to become the champion of the dirty rally. The game is divided into 11 seasons, each of which contains 10 races. It can be races of different types: race with rivals, control points, time races or speed races. In each race you can earn 3 stars if you can show the best result. To unlock new game seasons, you need to collect more stars, otherwise the new season will not open. During each race you will have to dodge many obstacles and also demonstrate your drifting skills. Press the gas pedal and drive forward, drive through control points, outrun rivals and win. Having earned some money, you can spend it on improving the performance of your car or buying a new car. Start your rally racing career right now and maybe you will have a chance to win!