Parking Jam

  C’mon Park and welcome to the Jam with Parking Jam, an awesome parking game that you can play on our website yup7 for free!   Its modern and innovative gameplay separates parking jam game from its predecessors. Every other parking game is about getting into tight spaces without damaging its subject. But on parking jam levels your task is rather different than this given path. You’ll be dealing with labyrinths of poorly parked cars. It may seem easy when you put it this simple but when you see the complexity of mazes of cars your brain will blow off. Parking jam online is a game for the smart players that can calculate what they will do with their next move while making a move. The game will start easy in order not to freeze you out but level after level your task will get harder.  One can easily say that parking jam levels are its most strong suit. With its well thought and designed levels, before you solve each maze you’ll gaze at it with a feeling of admiration. After each successful level, you will get coins and see how many cars that you’ve rescued from that mess. If you can dismantle the maze without damaging any cars the customers' satisfaction will be at highest level. But if you damage the cars it will be quite the contrary.   The game features simple yet efficient game mechanics. This means you can play the game easily, it isn't that complex. Also the game’s cartoony graphics provides it with unique and adorable looks making you wanna play more and more. It’s an addictive fun ride and its levels make sure of this quality. Join in and show your smart moves right away in Parking Jam game, one of the many Parking Games on our website.