Idle Zoo

Idle Zoo is a very exciting and engrossing idle game, which is perfect for those people who do not have enough time to devote to online gaming but are willing to try their hand at something new. I have always loved games where you have to save the cute little animals in a zoo from the clutches of a vicious predator. I have found that a lot of html5 games offer this same sort of experience, except that instead of cute little animals you have deer, fish or frogs instead. If you enjoy those types of games then I am sure you will love Idle Zoo Unblocked Game.

The premise behind the game is that you are given a starting zoo that has just enough animals for you to start to develop the zoo tycoon. As you progress through the levels you will unlock more exotic pets. The idea is that as you save the new animals you earn money to buy more exotic pets. You can also get special items that will allow you to purchase more new animals, allowing you to level up faster and earn even more money.

To me, the reason why the game is so addictive is the fact that it requires almost no skill except for the habit of clicking on the animals. The object of the game is simply to make sure that all the cute little animals are kept alive in your new animal park. That is why most of the time you will see your cute animals alone as they wander aimlessly about the environment, looking for food and water to sustain them. The only way that you will earn money is by providing them with food and water. However, there are some special objects which allow you to earn more money than the actual amount of money that you have in your bank. wishes you have fun playing Idle Zoo.