Yohoho ahoy Pirate! Your ship is wrecked on a sunny island. The only problem is that it’s full of other vicious scum. It's Yohoho.io ! In this amazing .io game, you’ll be playing for survival against players from all over the world. You’re gonna have to use your swashbuckle wise if you want to win. You’re gonna be killing other players and looting booty from them. More kills and plunder means more growth. Literally! Your character's size will grow as your booty grows. Yohoho.io unblocked is an .io game, it is online. So, other players that you kill are real people from across the world playing simultaneously against you. With doubletoons you loot from carcasses of dead pirates, you can unlock new characters with different weapons and multiply the joy you’re having playing yohoho.io hacked . The more experience you have, the more levels you get. The map you play will change each level. You can keep attack button pressed to do special attack. There’s a catch, though. There will be poisonous gas at every 15 seconds and the playable circle will get smaller each time the gas is released. You can see your statistics like kills, loots and time survived at the main screen. The game also offers colourful graphics and simple yet enjoyable game mechanics. An awesome experience waits for you so hurry! YE KILL SCALLYWAGS! PLUNDER BOOTY! Live the rebellious pirate life! With yo ho ho io and a bottle of rum!