Fit in the Wall

It’s not to say that The Walls is a 100% hit and will take the lead among similar puzzles, which are full on the World Wide Web, but you can surely say that you can guarantee your niche and your place, firm and confident. There is nothing much to describe here, the plot is simple, the management too, which undoubtedly refers to the pluses, the graphics - yes, the usual graphics. But all this is collected in one application with professionalism and quality. The game does not “slow down” and looks decent, everything is traced to the smallest detail, which cannot be said about similar games, and if you did find a minute, then why not choose this particular application. No, do not think that we are advertising the game, we just try to give an objective opinion, although many will say it is subjective. However, after playing, you can leave a review, which will help other users to make a rating.