Coin Craze

Welcome to the cool game Coin Craze. This is a great arcade games. Coin Craze unblocked game is a very exciting arcade style game on the Treasure hunters are willing to risk their lives and whatever they can to reach the sought out chests of cash. The hero of this game is no exception. He will continually make dizzying leaps into a moving platform to locate the next chest. If he falls off, there will be a high chance that a dangerous enemy might attack him.

Coin Craze cool math game features two separate playing modes; one where you're just trying to collect the coins, and the second where you're trying to defeat all of the enemies. Coin collection mode is simply collecting the coins as they fall from the moving platform. When the screen reaches the bottom, another platform appears and the player must move as fast as possible to collect the coins. enemy mode puts you in another platform combat scenario.

Coin Craze offers a great deal of fun and excitement for the Yup7 Games user with its exciting arcade style adventure games. It's one of those rare games that provide a challenging difficulty level, but one where the challenge is in the rewards. Coin Craze gives you a ton of new challenges, by changing up the gameplay every couple of levels. This addictive game makes another platform appearance with its updated coin-collecting gameplay and exciting new challenges. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Coin Craze unblocked free game!