Snail Bob 8: Island Story

Our old friends - snails Bob and his grandfather decided to go on winter fishing. But the pleasant pastime did not work out - the ice floe cracked in half and would divide the fishermen. Now the snail Bob will have to think well about how to return from the places where the ice floe has taken him. This is very far away and Bob does not know the road. Without your help, he will not be able to get over so many obstacles, because the path of a lonely little snail will pass through wild places. And there it is possible not only to fall into the trap, but it is also easy to please the predators for lunch. The snail is small, fragile and very slow, so dangerous meetings will be better avoided. But the ability to quickly hide in the shell can be useful. This makes a space. Can Bob and dramatically change the direction of movement - the left mouse button.