Hidden Spots in the Room

The Hidden Spots in the Room is a brand new puzzle game coming from the makers of Cornhole and Clue. It is a game which you can play with two players and you have a timer to see how long you can wait before you run out of items in a particular room. You start of the game by selecting a girls room, which makes the game even more exciting because you know that there are going to be lots of fun things for you to do. Once you have chosen the type of room, then all you have to do is to decorate it so that you can get the items that are hidden.

In this game, you use a mouse to move the mouse over the picture of the object that is in the room and then click to place the object where you want it. For example, you can place the frog in the water tank and then click to remove it. Each room has different items in it, but you have to find them all and place them correctly. For example, in the kitchen there is a pot of chocolate and a cake stand. You also need to be very careful when moving the pots and cakes on the screen because they might fall on the floor and cause accidents.

The Hidden Spots in the Room Unblocked game girls game is a puzzle game with multiple levels and a very nice design. It is one of the best puzzle games that you can play because it's so simple and yet it still provides you with hours of fun. The best part about this game is that it's free! Yup 7 Games wishes you have fun playing Hidden Spots in the Room.