England Soccer League

Welcome to the England Soccer League game. You have to take over the leadership of one of the football teams and lead it to success. Choose between a friendly match and a league match, and then proceed to the game. You will find the most exciting, bright and beautiful football, among those that you have seen! Cool 3D graphics and many features make the game just awesome! Everything here is like in real football, the same rules and real experienced players will be very cool to play with! Choose one of the teams, then the color of their shape and start the game! Give accurate passes to each of the players of your team and make powerful shots to the opponents' goal. Do not allow opponents to grab the ball. Quickly run and fight for the ball as the last time, because a lot is at stake. Try to win all the games and win the top English football league! The winner’s cup should go to you, because this is the main goal of the game!