Furious Drift

  Welcome to Furious Drift. If you’ve been looking for a tire burning racing game full of awesome cars, search no more, because you’ve found one of the best browser racing games available. It’s Furious Drift!   You must have figured out what this game is about from its name. It’s about drifting, sliding through to glory, tire burning and excitement. After you select your car, you’ll find yourself on a track that’s been designed for only one purpose. Drifting through it. You’ll earn points with your successful drifting. Successful drifting means sliding without hitting the barriers. Points are important. Your success will be validated according to them. And according your success, your dollars will be validated. More points mean more dollars. More dollars mean more cars and a huge gallery. You can use your dollars to unlock new cars. If you grow fond of the car you're currently drifting with, you can use your dollars to customize your car on furious drift tokyo. You can do all kinds of changes on your drifting machine.   Drift furious 8 rc car features 3D, realistic and lively graphics that will really get you into the mood. It’ll be thrilling with near misses and it’ll be frustrating with crashing into the barriers after you’ve got so many points. It’s all up to your skills. A solid hand-eye coordination and catlike reflexes are required for success. And you also have to get to know your tracks. But Furious Drift unblocked game is an addictive one; before you know it, you’ll memorize all of the turns on tracks. It has simple controllers and smooth gamemechanics. It’s not glitchy or buggy, it runs really fluid. It’s colourful and it’s thrilling, get behind the wheels right away!