Animal Swift

Animal Swift is a platform game about a girl's search for her missing father and her five baby sisters, all of whom were stolen by animals. The game follows the story of the little girl, who was left on her own after her mother died. To make up for this, she is left alone in order to find her father who is being held prisoner in an animal farm. The sister's husbands are also locked up in the farm, along with a violent, hungry wolf who seems bent on taking the little girl for his own meat.

The animals are a group, a family of highly adventurous birds. They are superficially very similar to hawks, except that swans are not closely akin to any other passing passageways. Swifts, in the order Apodiformes, are placed in the second order from their cousins the cuckoo, to the more recently evolved swans of Australia. The platform genre of platform gaming is probably best known for being the game that kick started the Wii platform and is still the king of the genre, so it is no surprise that Animal Swift takes us into a different world in comparison to some of the previous platform releases.

The first section of the game has you playing as the bird and moving about platforms, jumping from platform to platform, grabbing items, throwing objects, and destroying objects to damage your enemies and earn points. As you move on to the next level you will find yourself unlocking more levels which all build on the last one. In the later levels you will find yourself using your wings and tails to glide through the air, flying over obstacles, jumping onto blocks that break your aim, and flying through a variety of different arenas with different goals. All of these goals are listed at the bottom of each screen, and if you complete them you unlock something that awards you with a gold star, a gem, or another special item to collect. wishes you success and have fun playing Animal Swift Unblocked game.