TRZ Tangram

Welcome to the great TRZ Tangram. This is a great puzzle game. The TRZ Tangram Unblocked game from is definitely a new puzzle that has not been around for long. This puzzle comes in at number seven on the list of the "essential puzzles" and is designed to help children learn how to count and solve problems out of the box. The product features an open ended "J" shaped piece, with five colored rings that make up the cross. One ring can also be removed to reveal the fifth color - a lighter shade of red. This is one of only a few puzzle pieces that has this specific "ring".

It's easy to see why the TRZ Tangram game from Yup7 Games is considered by many to be one of the most fun puzzles on the market. The puzzle itself is a simple but challenging puzzle that teaches children counting and matching basic shapes, while providing them with a fun (and colorful) way to learn. Since the piece starts out closed, this makes it especially hard for young toddlers to grasp - which is what makes the Tangram free game from so special! The product also comes with a magnetic puzzle piece storage container that can be attached to the side of the tray where the Tangram piece stays.

Since the puzzle comes in a bright and colorful red, it will add just the right touch to any Easter or birthday party. This is yet another example of a quality piece that will bring joy to the minds of those that see it. While the Tangram does have some competition in the marketplace, they have certainly made their mark on the market. The piece comes with an eight inch white magnetic piece, which makes it perfect for younger children who might have trouble opening up larger puzzles like the Chessmen puzzle from Staunton. Even though the tangram is not the biggest puzzle on the market, it will give your toddler just enough activity to satisfy their desire to learn how to count and match. wishes you have fun playing TRZ Tangram Unblocked free game!