Moto Rider: Impossible Track

More recently, at the request of the best riders on motorcycles, the Incredible Moto Track was created for their money, which was decided to be used by all motorcycle enthusiasts during the annual competitions and no matter which motorcycle you own, be it a track heavy, athletic, or whatever. But the cost of a loss can be so high that not everyone will be willing to pay it and the cost of her life. By the way, the danger on the track is natural, so you should not expect mean tricks from other competitors. Take, at least for example, a suspension bridge, because it is so not reliable that any erroneous action on the part of the rider can lead to a fall, and not a fall on its side, but into the abyss. Of course, in this case, the result may be one - death, so do not rush too quickly, better carefully scout the surroundings and keep the paths. Only in this way can you reach the finish line and expect to win.