Kings of Blow

Welcome to the online game Kings of Blow. This is a online unblocked Skill Game. The Kings of Blow unblocked game requires players to use their breath to remove cards from a tray, but if they accidentally blow off a king, they will lose the round. The goal is to leave four kings on the tray within 60 seconds. The game is fun and challenging. There are three levels in the game. To advance, players must collect enough stars. If they are unable to complete these levels, they can start over again.

The Kings of Blow game was developed by the Spieleaffe studio. It is a 3D casual game that involves blowing. Its goal is to blow harder than your opponent. Inhale deeply before you blow, and exhale deeply before you can reach your opponent's mouth. As you blow, try to make your opponent swallow something disgusting. The more you blow, the more disgusting your opponent will swallow. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Kings of Blow Unblocked Free Game!