Tower Builder

The Tower Builder are, firstly, professionals, and secondly, brave and courageous people. Think for yourself what responsibility lies with the builders who create multi-storey buildings. In this case, you need to know a lot about building materials, the impact of the environment on them, the time that they can serve and a lot of other knowledge, without which more than one construction project does not do. In general, any construction begins with a plan and drawings, agreed with the city government, and only then you can begin to enclose the territory and bring the construction equipment. The main machine at the construction site is a tower crane and it’s hard to argue with that. It is with the help of this giant that construction materials, apartment blocks and other multi-ton objects are lifted. The lifting process itself takes care when all the safety regulations are observed. And when everything is agreed and ready, only nature can intervene. For example, a strong side wind has risen, which complicates the task, which can lead to a breakdown of the delivery of the house on time.