Mini Farm

Welcome to the online game Mini Farm. This is a great Simulator Game. Mini Farm Unblocked Game is a free kids game from which helps you learn how to farm by following a simple design principle and applying it to miniature farms.

When you play Mini Farm, you will need to manage an approximately five hundred animals like cows, pigs, chickens, lambs, etc. And because your aim is to grow as much food as possible and to sell it for as much profit as possible, you will need to space the animals out very carefully so that no part of them get crowded out. You can keep as many animals as you want on your mini-farm but only up to a certain number. After reaching a certain number, you and your animals will need to move on to bigger and more crowded farms where you can let some of the animals go free. Mini Farm is designed for young children and teenagers and is one of the most popular Yup7 Games among kids.

The main objective of Mini Farm is to grow a variety of different crops and take care of the animals and their requirements while doing so. You can plant all of your crops at once or slowly build them up over time. You can choose between grass, wheat, vegetables, fruits and flowers depending on what you feel like growing. You can use seeds or buy pre-placed ones in the marketplace or from the Farm shop. Once you buy the seeds, however, you cannot use them again on other farms except Mini Farm. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Mini Farm Unblocked Free Game!