Have you ever wanted to play a game that brings you the fun of crafting blocks and making creative buildings with the thrill of 3D death match? Well, it's here! Welcome to! In this groundbreaking fun pack, you'll try to survive against players from all around the world in a 3D fps death match. For your survival, you can make giant and complex castles or just plain simple bunkers. It's up to you. You can also simply go berserker and bring some pain to the Craftnite universe! You can choose a skin that will brighten up your game experience. The game offers its players many skin choices. You can play as Zeus, Shrek, Luke Skywalker or Jesus Christ. A wide armory is also waiting for you in the gameplay. You can eliminate your enemies with a pickaxe or a sniper. You can grow wheat or headshot other people. Craftnite world presents countless possibilites. Mine coals and ores or ambush an enemy passing by. If you grow tired of free-for all mode, try battle royale mode and have a go at being a real survivor. One thing is certain. You have to watch your back if you want to survive!