Save the Kitten

Welcome to the online game Save the Kitten. This is a online unblocked Skill Game. In the Save the Kitten unblocked game, you have to rescue the kittens from an angry cat who has lured them into his tower. With the help of a trampoline, you must beat the black cat off the kittens and throw them to mommy kitty's basket. Use the arrow keys to move around and beat off the black cat to reach the kittens. They will then spring up into a trampoline, hoping that someone will help them.

You'll be able to save a kitten if you can get the correct combination of the Blend cards. Each kitten that is saved earns two points at the end of the game. Besides the Blend card, you can also collect other cards to save kittens. There are four different types of blend cards. Each card has its own special ability. If you can use them all, you'll be able to move the kittens around the board. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Save the Kitten Unblocked Free Game!