Wizard's Treasure

Welcome to the cool game Wizard's Treasure . This is a great puzzle games. Wizard's Treasure Unblocked game is a Wizardry-style game where you have to defeat the bad guy, a Wizard, and his many evil henchmen. The game starts with you walking through the front door of your uncle's home, which is also the headquarters of the Wizard's Guild. There are many items that you need to find throughout the game, so make sure that you have all the necessary items on you when you enter the castle.

You have three choices in this adventure. You can choose to be a Knight, a Princess, or a Thief. Each of these classes have their own special weapons and armor, and each of them has different starting locations. The thief starts at the bottom of the tower, while the knights start at the top. The princess has a secret pass code that you need to use in order to gain entrance into the Wizard's Guild, so make sure you get that down before entering the castle, too.

When you're done with this adventure, you'll have to defeat the wizard and his evil henchmen, as well as some really difficult puzzle puzzles that you have to solve. And when you're done, the game will reveal to you how you have performed, and you will receive a certificate showing you that you're a worthy member of the Wizard's Guild! This is a very simple game that is entertaining for all ages, but doesn't have anything complicated about it; it is just a fun game where you have to locate the different objects inside a very large and intricate maze caves. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Wizard's Treasure unblocked free game!