Impostor Rescue

Welcome to the online game Impostor Rescue. This is a great Puzzle Games. Impostor Rescue Unblocked game, from, is a brand new puzzle game that is sure to be loved by children and adults alike. There is this mission in space, with only one ship and eight crew members, to find the lost captain and get back to earth. Your only tool is a single photon, which you have to direct to the right location on the screen to complete the mission. There are different stages, different power ups, different obstacles and various challenges as well.

This innovative and addictive puzzle game has an excellent and very addictive gameplay. The basic concept of the game is that you must use different gems to lead a character through various levels and reach goal. Every level has different background music and thus you will feel that you have not explored the whole screen and still have many places to go. However, when you reach a goal, the game will automatically turn to the next level and thus you can easily complete all levels and move on to the next challenge and the next goal.

Gameplay wise, Impostor Rescue has lots of options for everybody, kids, teenagers and adults. The challenge is to choose the right gem and color combination to complete each level successfully. It is exciting, addicting and helps your brain in a very unusual way. It will take some time to get addicted to it, but after that you will find that Impostor Rescue is an addictive puzzle game, which keeps you hooked on playing until you finish it. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Impostor Rescue Unblocked Free Game!