Fire vs Water Fights

Welcome to the online game Fire vs Water Fights. This is a great 2 Player Game. Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked Game is an extremely fun and exciting two player fighting game. So far, no one has had such a cool game on website yet. When you are involved in this amazing game you don't just do normal attacks and defense but instead you use various tools and items that will help you to fight your opponent more effectively. Your goal is to knock your opponents out of the ring quickly and then take their level and score with you!

When you enter the ring you will notice that there are many fire fighters and water fighters fighting each other. You can pick one of the two teams that are standing up and you will have to punch each of them with your punch bag. You will be able to power punch and even use the items on screen like the moon shot. Each round is going to last a little bit longer so when you feel that you are losing just keep on trying and at some point you will win the fight!

This is truly an awesome action fighting game that anyone should play. There is no actual game over, so you will always have a chance to try again. If you are tired of fighting the same old characters in other fighting games then make sure that you pick this one up and enjoy the cool fights and cool features that it has. This will give you hours of great fun! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked Free Game!