Tug the Table

Tug the Table is one of our coolest 2 Player Games in which you will be tugging the tables to win. There are two different modes in this game. You can master in single player mode before starting to play 2 player version. If you are always in a fierce competition with your best friend, 2 player mode is exactly for you to play. You can challenge your friend in this mode. Tug the Table Unblocked Game includes different types in different colors and forms. The can be in read or silver and made from metal or wood. You can also play Table Unblocked Game in various locations such as in a winter wonderland or a spaceship. Do not forget to grab tightly hold of the table. You need to be the first one who tugs the table at least 5 times in each battle in order to be announced as winner of the game. Up Arrow Key is for 1st Player to play and W is for the 2nd Player.