Rally Point

Welcome to the great Rally Point. This is a great arcade games. The game involves players taking part in a race from start to finish by building up rally points. Rally Points is collected by having the vehicle travel through a rally course. Once the vehicle passes each obstacle within the course, the driver earns more Rally Point Unblocked game. To earn extra points, players must either use a vehicle engine or out of an existing vehicle, or by driving a vehicle using various methods including manual driving and racing with a turbo boost. A vehicle can only gain Rally Point after it has traveled through all obstacles on the course. As the game progresses, the vehicles' engine speeds increase, enabling them to travel further across the course.

When a player reaches a certain amount of rally points, they are allowed to activate their vehicle's turbo boost, which increases the vehicle's speed and enables it to travel further. However, once a player triggers the turbo boost, the vehicle immediately loses power and slows down. Using a boost to get over a hump is recommended, since it takes longer to build up rally points than normal, but it has the added benefit of making the entire driving process much easier. Points can be earned throughout a rally course by using various methods, including manual driving or racing using a turbo boost, and players can also rack up a crew of drivers who help with certain aspects of the game, such as driving a specific car or completing certain challenges. Once enough rally points are collected, the player is allowed to enter a championship event that includes multiple stages and multiple categories. Players are able to choose between an All Time Trial category and pick teams to race against in order to earn bronze, gold, and even money as rewards for their performance within the competition. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Rally Point Unblocked free game!