Lucky Looter

  Are you ready to meet your newest addiction? Ready or not here it comes and it’s called Lucky Looter! In this charming adventure game, you will play as a looter. A very successful one, if you're good at playing the game. Your goal is to loot some houses and snitch valuable objects without getting caught. After each level, this goal might start to sound like a fantasy. Because you'll have to master at lucky looter game if you don't wanna get caught on later levels. There will be security in the houses with flashlights. You need to stay away from the light. Darkness will be your essential tool. Darkness and catlike reflexes...   After each level, you’ll earn coins depending on how many object you've snitched. If you can snitch the whole apartment, you’ll get 3 stars. You can watch some colourful adds to claim your rewards x5 in lucky looters dayz. So having high amount of coins isn't that hard if you put your mind into it. You can unlock a variety of get away cars and change up your gameplay with your earned coins if you’d like.   With its cartoony graphics and simple gamemechanics you'll get addicted to Lucky Looter in no time. You’ll just wanna start the next level and see what objects there are in that level and what security measures were taken. Lucky looter goggles is an adorable game to spend time with, you’ll never know how fast time passes playing this exciting adventure. Get in and get out. Be swift to be successful. It also can be played on smartphones and tablets so you can play it any time, anywhere you’d like. If you like adventure games start playing now and conquer the darkness right away.