Welcome to the ultimate browser, building and combat multiplayer game. It's 1v1.LOL ! As soon as you start playing, you’ll feel the breeze of Fortnite in your face. But unlike Fortnite, 1v1 doesn't have the burden of installing. You’ll be playing the 1V1.LOL Unblocked Game on your browser. You can play it on your phone, on your computer or on your tablet. You can play it anywhere, anytime. The game has 6 modes. After you log into, you can try justbuild.lol mode and practice the basics of building in this game. Building is an essential part of the fun: you’ll be building shelters to protect yourself or building skyscrapers to snipe your enemies. The only limit is your imagination on the building side, so use your imagination for the benefit! On 1v1 mode, you’ll be facing single enemy. You and the other player will try to best each other by crafting buildings for benefit or going straightly for the kill with a berserker rage! 1v1 Competitive mode is the mode that your records will be held. As we mentioned at the beginning, 1v1.LOL is an online game with thousands of players from across the world experiencing this amazing thrill ride. Each of these players has a rank when they’ve entered the 1V1 Competitive Mode. Depending on their success on this mode, their rank will go up or down. Top 3 ranked players' names wil be seen on the main page. Be a top player! Battle Royale mode is bringing the fun and the map of the 1v1 mode to a 10 player deathmatch. Build smartly and assault your way to be the last man standing and be the winner! Box mode is also a 10 player and be the last man standing to win the game mode. But in this mode, you’ll be locked inside a box with 9 other players. Map is small and your reaction time must be faster than other modes. Otherwise you’ll be eliminated before you understand what is going on. Quick reflexes and swift decisive acts are necessary to win in this mode. Last but not least, on the party mode you can play the game with your friends as a party. This mode turns the game into a team deathmatch. The game offers 3D and realistic graphics and fluid game mechanics. And most important of all, it's a player driven game. So, you won't experience the same round twice. Come on and join an endless action pack in 1V1.LOL ! Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing 1v1.LOL Unblocked Free Game!