Disk.io is an exciting game that is played in a narrow area and requires speed and attention in which we try to break the colored blocks behind with the discs we throw at the opponent. Each level consists of 3 stages in Disk.io Unblocked, which you can play without time issues. If you can win all 3 games in a row, you will be entitled to move on to the next level. Using the left click button, the disc you throw to break blocks is looking forward to catching the opponent player. As soon as you catch it, the defense passes to you this time. You must not let it break your blocks. If you throw the disc you caught immediately, you can get the golden hit right. You should pay attention to the 3rd game in the episode, it already has a skull symbol on it. The difficulty level of the game increases as the levels progress. As the number of rival players increases, it is up to your skill to break the blocks. Play game Disk.io to measure your reflexes and weigh your speed.