Shooter Assassin

Shooter Assassin is a free action game. You once were the best sniper ever trained by the best operatives in the service and you were known for your rage but someone had replaced you. Someone hired an assassin to get you out of the story, someone wanted your life but somehow you still survived. Now you are on a space ship, where you must shoot down incoming hostile vessels and protect the Earth from their dreadful presence. You must make your way through the missions and fight waves of enemy aliens who are all bent on destroying the human race.

This kid-friendly shooter offers many exciting moments as you take cover behind cover and scope out your enemy through its amazing action scenes. Your mission should always be carried out with alertness and keenness but also with a sense of humor. In fact the objective of the game is not so much about how to shoot your enemies as it is more about what happens next. The game will have you running through hallways, spaceships and jungle jungles all while keeping your sniper's accuracy level high. The action gets fast-paced so players can expect quick firefights that are both thrilling at the same time. It truly is a hyper action packed shooting experience for all.

This kids game has a total of 25 different levels. If you happen to reach the end of one level, there will be a cut-off screen that will let you know about one more mission. This is the whole point of having multiple levels. Each level is designed to offer a new experience that you will surely enjoy. It's a real blast shooting your enemies in this fun shooter assassin game. wishes you have fun playing Shooter Assassin Unblocked free game!