Heroic Survival

Welcome to the online game Heroic Survival. This is a great Action Games. Play Heroic Survival now and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime! An all new hero is on the loose and he has to save the lovely Flora from her evil clutches. Enjoy this Boys Game, just like in the story, and save Flora from the clutches of darkness!

Control your free unblocked game with two hands and use the right mouse button to display your inventory items. Select the right mouse button and drag to anywhere to use your weapons or use the left mouse button to switch between your weapons and shields. Use the space bar to select an item and drag to any location to throw it at enemies to death.

The heroine Flora struggles against the undead menace while you control her with the keyboard and mouse. Her quest is to find her father and seek help to survive though waves of zombies. It is up to you to explore the surroundings as well as complete quests. However be careful not to get caught by the zombies as they seem to be after Flora. Make sure that you take enough care as you move through the many levels. Heroic Survival Unblocked game has an excellent single player and multi-player game that can satisfy any adrenaline rush you may experience. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Heroic Survival Unblocked Free Game!